Why Join the Fun Run?

-Amy Van Rooyen

Why spend your weekend lazing at home or studying when you can do something healthy and sociable with the added bonus of helping people in need? On the 1st of April – and no, this is not a joke 😉 – you can take part in a sponsored charity run (or walk, if exercising is not for you) around the beautiful Bath Spa University campus to raise money to support the Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue team (ASSR). It is a 4.3km walk/run and it is open to absolutely everybody. The entry price is £3 for students and £10 for staff members. This casual little adventure around campus has so many benefits both for you and for the ASSR team.

Here are five reasons why you should join the Fun Run this Saturday: Continue reading


A Bake To Remember

A Bake to Remember: Search and Rescue Bake Sale on February the 3rd

 – Freya Norley

I’m not a precise person. I laugh in the face of accurate measurements, grams and millilitres are guidelines, not rules, and the cake is baked when I want to eat it. My Bake-Off catchphrase? 

“Eh, that’s about right.”  

But, despite my devil-may-care attitude, I love baking. I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at it. Hats off to the lazy summer afternoons, and the cosy winter mornings spent helping my mum bake muffins and mince pies, being taught how to make biscuits and crumble. Food brings people together. Sticky fingers, happy hearts.  Continue reading