Why Join the Fun Run?

-Amy Van Rooyen

Why spend your weekend lazing at home or studying when you can do something healthy and sociable with the added bonus of helping people in need? On the 1st of April – and no, this is not a joke 😉 – you can take part in a sponsored charity run (or walk, if exercising is not for you) around the beautiful Bath Spa University campus to raise money to support the Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue team (ASSR). It is a 4.3km walk/run and it is open to absolutely everybody. The entry price is £3 for students and £10 for staff members. This casual little adventure around campus has so many benefits both for you and for the ASSR team.

Here are five reasons why you should join the Fun Run this Saturday:


Even if you aren’t running the 4.3km, the Fun Run is a great way to exercise. Whether you run, walk, or skip you still get your muscles working and your blood pumping. Even if you’re just walking, that alone has been proven to be better for muscle development than running. So, if you’re already thinking about getting that summer body this is a perfect way to ease into it.


This is a great opportunity to meet and befriend new people! Walking 4.3km takes a while so it gives people a chance to move past the awkward small talk onto the proper long-lasting friendship bonding. Or just bring friends with you! Either way it’s great to bond. 

Taking in Nature

Being in the bosom of nature has an endless amount of health benefits ranging from stress relief, memory improvement to improving mental health. And if that isn’t enough, you’d have to admit the view itself is great. Surrounded by farmland and river, this walk/run would be a great way to truly appreciate the landscape around campus. Perhaps, you’ll get the chance to see some wildlife.

Raising money and awareness for charity 

This, without a doubt, must be the most important reason why you should join the run. Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue is run solely on donations and volunteers. The work they do is life-saving and incredibly important, but they cannot do it without the help and support of the public.

Working towards better habits 

Going on walks through the woods has a long list of health benefits, some of which I think are important for students to know. After hours of studying, either sitting at home or in the library, a nice walk is a great way to stir up and refresh the brain. Taking a walk outside, no matter how short, will help you focus. The movement and rush of oxygen will get your blood pumping. That’s a great way to wake your tired limbs up and certainly cheaper than a coffee. Hopefully, once you feel the benefits yourself, you’ll work towards a healthier and smarter lifestyle. Even if you just take a ten-minute break to walk a lap around the block, it changes the way you study!

We hope you take these points into consideration and join us on Saturday! 

-Amy Van Rooyen


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