What a Turn Out!

What a Turn Out!

Search and Rescue Open Mic Night – 28th March

– Leigh-Ann Hewer


Held at the small venue of Juno in Bath City Centre, I don’t think anyone expected quite as huge a turn out for the marvellous Open Mic as it occurred. Some of my flat mates and I found ourselves squeezing up the staircase into an already packed room, full of excited people, and a buzzing atmosphere.

People came in what had to be hundreds, some of which were creative writing students, to support the efforts of the hard-working coordinating team who had put the event together. The Open Mic really show-cased the dedication and team spirit the students have been working to adopt in order to make this project succeed.

Standing up in front of a crowd of that size could not have been easy, and for that a massive amount of credit should be directed to all of the wonderful people who worked up the nerve to give a great performance, keep the crowd entertained, and maintain that pleasant buzz in the air. Victoria Clifford did a wonderful job opening the show with her powerful voice, followed by a thought-provoking poem Oliver Fenwick, and a side tickling comedic performance from Peter Jones. The list of wonderful acts goes on as the students put themselves out there with the knowledge that what they were doing was raising money to aid the amazing work done by the Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue team. The list of wonderful acts goes on, and to all those performers who set aside their fear to stand and share their passion left with a warm glow on their faces and a sparkle in their eyes. Thanks to them, Open Mic Night raised money to fund the amazing mission of the Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue team, so that they may continue their important, lifesaving work.

Even amongst all the fun it’s important to remember the cause for this giant project that the students are undertaking. The Open Mic on Saturday clearly showed how much hard work has gone into planning all of these events as the coordinators looked both enthusiastic and just a little bit exhausted. They must have been proud to see their event come together, as they should have been, knowing that their efforts are going to a volunteer service that is completely worth supporting.

So, though the place was cramped, the Open Mic seemed to be a success, largely down to the wonderful and supportive attitudes of the students themselves and their want to aid the cause. A round of applause to all the coordinators, performers and everyone who supportively attended the event and handed over their money and their time. It was a great turn out. In future, I think all that’s needed is a bigger venue. Success!


– Leigh-Ann Hewer




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