A brief history of Fun Run (shortly)

A brief history of Fun Run (shortly)

   – Karolina Latka

On April 1st at Bath Spa University greenway took place the 4.3km charity sponsored run. How was it? Absolutely fabulous! It didn’t matter whether you were a walker or runner, as long as you had fun! The Fun Run, thanks to all the great people organising it and running, was a big success and we raised a grand total of £186 for Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue (ASSR)!


How did the Fun Run go?


Undoubtedly, great and safe. For the participants safety we had the ASSR rescuers able to administer first aid if needed (although, thanks God, it wasn’t). At every part of the lap we had guides – you couldn’t have got lost anyway, but if you did they were always there ready to help, smiling as you passed by. Wonferfully, even the weather was beautiful, hot and sunny. So, in short, everything went well!


Were the reasons to join the run true?


After taking part in it, I can say there’s nothing more true in this world. First of all, you cannot doubt about the exercising (even when you were lying on the grass – you have had to get there somehow first, right?). And socialising? As a rather watcher than anything else, I didn’t believe in this. But… As soon as I got there, this changed. And what started as a small run together ended up as a proper friendship!




And next was nature… Hm. Well, it was definitely there.


During the whole run there was nothing more pleasurable than the truly beautiful views from all around the lake. Even the swans accompanied us.

Raising money and awareness for ASSR? We did both! We raised £186 which is a great sum, especially as the entrance costed just £3 for students. Our amazing Avon and Somerset rescuer were there during the whole run (all the three slots) to help and talk. If you only had a change, you could have talked with them the whole day. They are great people with a fantastic sense of humour and a lot to share if you ask them a question.


            So, how was it?


To sum up: Amazing! The Fun Run was fantastic, well organised and truly brilliant! And the same goes for the weather. Everyone had a great time and we raised money for a wonderful organisation. And I as a runner, had a lot of fun with my new friend.

Fun Run Pic

So high-five everyone who took part in this!


–          Karolina Latka


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