Recollection of Sunny Day – Fun Run

 – Megan Edwards

On sunny days, there is nothing I want to do more, than to stretch my legs and enjoy the beautiful scenery around me. Saturday, April 1st, was a jewel of a day. From 10am-7pm two Fun Runs were held on Newton Park campus to raise money for Avon Search and Rescue. The sky was sapphire blue and full of fluffy clouds. It was pleasantly warm, and the playful wind joined the energetic runners around the lake.

This spring, Bath Spa University has been working closely with Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue to raise money and awareness. The rewards will go towards the purchase of a new cliff bus, which will make the Avon Gorge a safer place to explore. The Search and Rescue group is volunteer-based and relies on the public, which it works so hard to protect. The Fun Run was the perfect chance for the students and staff to get some exercise, experience the local nature, have fun, and help to make the city a safer place.

The most challenging part of the track was the hill leading down to the lake. Running down such a steep slope is exhilarating; it feels like a plane is taking off within you, like at any moment the ground will fall from under you, and you will take off into the skies. Racing back up, is a different story, though your heart pounds fiercely all the same.

As the day continued the sky began to cloud overhead, the grey and white overshadowing the previously brilliant blue. I was suddenly reminded of the thunderstorm threat my phone had shown. Luckily, the sun re-surfaced and ignited the trees and flowers around us, glistening on the path paved by blooming daffodils. I hoped the weather would be as kind to the people running in the second heat, later that day.

The afternoon’s lap brought in a flood of participants who, motivated by the morning’s sunny weather, were enthusiastic about doing their part for charity. Watching everybody set off at different paces; the runners, the power-walkers, the ramblers- reminded me of how diverse our university is, and it was beautiful to see us all united for a common goal. The event was a complete success. The weather was beautiful and we raised a lot of money to help an organisation, that is vital to the city of Bath. Most importantly, however… everybody had a fun run.


 – Megan Edwards


Recollection of Sunny Day – Fun Run

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