Bake Sale

Bake Sale

– Neave Ottway

On the third of April  there was a lovely bake sale in commons for Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue. It ran from 10am-4pm and had 6 sellers (3 from 10-1 and then the next 3 from 1-4). All the helpers looked incredibly enthusiastic and clearly wanted to sell cake to make money for a wonderful cause.

And who doesn’t like cake?

Everything about the bake sale was great from the helpers to the price to even the way the cakes were laid out on the table.

All the pricing was very reasonable, but who cares when the money is going to charity?

I have to say that there were some interesting things on the table of delights such as chicken popcorn among other things. Needless to say I stayed away from that item.

The bake sale was wonderfully organised which is what Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue truly deserve. The sellers were engaging, friendly, and were informed on what they were talking about. The only thing left to do was to enjoy some cake. The Easter theme really added something to it as well.

I mean, it is almost Easter, of course we want everything to be Easter themed!

All the people who baked the cakes should be praised as well. They gave up their time and money to create these delicious treats and deserve to recognised. Also, we can’t forget all the beautiful people who bought a cake or two. If it wasn’t for their generosity, then we would have failed to raise money for a truly important cause.

I should probably tell you a bit about what Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue aim to do.

Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue or ASSR is an emergency service staffed by volunteers. These volunteers are on call 24/7, 365 days of the year. Here is just some of the tasks they are set:

  • Cliff and steep ground rescue, recovery and access
  • Rescue from high and difficult structures
  • Land search and rescue
  • Water margin search and swiftwater rescue
  • Land search management advice
  • Assistance with scene management and logistics

As you can see, ASSR is an incredibly worthy cause and deserve recognition and our support. We at Bath Spa University are proud to be working alongside them!


– Neave Ottway


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