Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team: A History

Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team

A history and insight into their positive impact and goals to further help the local communities.


The ASSR team is made up entirely of brave volunteers. They provide 24 hour help 7 days a week, all weeks of the year. There is no type of land or structure that this team will not explore if it means helping a citizen. These volunteers usually work within other emergency services and most are available for call-outs at any time, these are some of the people that help provide said 24 hour assistance.


The ASSR team are constantly looking into ways of educating the public on how to remain safe in dangerous environments and informing citizens that the ASSR team is there to be of use. The team have done everything from working along Bath Spa University students and helping arrange events, whilst not only educating students on the dangers of, in particular, the Avon river but also, getting access to the general public through the University’s students work for the team. Mountain Rescue have also gone to extents of writing a handbook about the topics that teams like ASSR handle called Call Out Mountain Rescue? A Pocket Guide to Safety on the Hill. The ASSR team’s number one goal is to protect life and one key way we can do that is through prevention.


Image sourced from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/Call-Mountain-Rescue-Pocket-Guide-Safety-Hill/0950176591


You can purchase your own copy here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/Call-Mountain-Rescue-Pocket-Guide-Safety-Hill/0950176591




Originally the team were separate between Cheddar Gorge and Avon Gorge. They became one (Avon and Somerset Cliff Rescue Team) in 1977. By 1997, police recognised the usefulness and impact of the team’s work and allowed them to continue their assistance in more areas under their current name – Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team.


In the beginning, ASSR’s original team began with just one truck to assist them in their work. Since, there has been a serious evolution in their equipment and transportation due to not only advancements in technology and transportation but due to the financial support from donations. Throughout the timeline of ASSR’s existence there have been a series of trucks fitted with towing devices. In more recent years the team have been fortunate enough to acquire everything from trucks to ambulance vehicles. They are also such a highly valued team that they have had situations where they have been permitted to work with and fly RAF 22 Squadron “A” Flight RMB Chivenor. The improvement of the team’s transportation is one of the most vital parts in assisting them to carry out their important and life-saving work.



TEXT: SCEP01 followed by the amount you would like to donate.


RECYCLE: Recycle your old mobiles and ink cartridges at http://www.recycle4charity.co.uk/Register/C19586. ASSR will receive a financial donation from this recycle.


ONE OFF DONATION: http://www.ascrt.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/ASSAR-donation-form1.pdf


SPONSOR: Doing a sponsored event? Use this form to raise money for ASSR: http://www.ascrt.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/ASSAR-Sponsorship-Form1.pdf


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