Final Word

Final Word

As the academic year comes to a close, so does our work with Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue. We loved learning about all the important services they provide and are happy to have been able to help with such a great cause.

We’d like to thank all the Rescue volunteers who helped us successfully run this project, as well as Mimi Thebo, the module coordinator for the 1st year Bath Spa University Creative Writing students. Of course, we’d also like to thank every student who their time and efforts at the service of this project. It wasn’t always easy – with some confusion, last minute changes, and lots of hard work – but everyone participated until the very end.

Special mention goes to Leigh-Ann Hewer, who has been in charge of running this blog for the past few months. Thanks for all the help, Leigh-Ann!

Great job everyone!


Bringing Rescue Fundraising to Bath

Bringing Rescue Fundraising to Bath

Students volunteer their time to meet the public, spread the word about Rescue, and collect donnations

-Holly Banks


On the 6th of May, creative writing students from Bath Spa University held a fundraising activity in the centre of Bath. A group of 8 students stood in varying locations around Bath town to collect money for Avon Search and Rescue.

The Avon Somerset Search and Rescue was formed in 1975 and operates in Bristol and Bath. It is completely volunteer driven. The Avon Search and Rescue is an essential service run completely by funding from the public. Continue reading

Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team: A History

Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue Team

A history and insight into their positive impact and goals to further help the local communities.


The ASSR team is made up entirely of brave volunteers. They provide 24 hour help 7 days a week, all weeks of the year. There is no type of land or structure that this team will not explore if it means helping a citizen. These volunteers usually work within other emergency services and most are available for call-outs at any time, these are some of the people that help provide said 24 hour assistance. Continue reading

Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue: how Bath Spa University has helped

Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue: how Bath Spa University has helped

Rachel McCarthy

The work that Bath Spa University students have been doing to help Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue has been wildly successful, raising money to keep the charity organisation doing their best to save lives. They work tirelessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help keep those in and around Bath safe, however, many deaths still occur.

Eleven people have died in the River Avon in the last 6 years alone. Without the Search and Rescue teams, that figure would no doubt be higher. However, in order to keep running they rely on donations from the public. That is why we teamed up with them for the past couple of months to help out:

·         We have organised multiple bake sales on campus that attracted students from all subjects to pitch in a couple of pounds.

·         There was also an open mic night was at bar within Bath city centre showcasing the creative writing students’ talents. There was both satirical and emotional poetry, comedic original songs and hits we all know and love. A couple of brave souls even took their hand at stand-up comedy, mainly taking jabs at relatable student issues. Although the bar was relatively small, it was packed from corner to corner and then some, giving an overall atmosphere of a tight knitted community.

·         More donations were collected at the Home-Grown talent show, which although was mostly directed at helping the soil association was an undeniably excellent opportunity to help out both organisations, not just one.

·         One of the largest events organised for search & rescue was a charity sponsored run, where runners had the opportunity to win prizes for raising money from their sponsorships. The actual event was a great way to raise money for the charity, but was also crucial in raising awareness for Search & Rescue and spreading the word to people to donate whatever and whenever they can.

One recent use of these donations was a new state of the art vehicle which helps locate missing people. Furthermore, the creation of posts along the river allow passer-by to contact search and rescue and help someone in the river without endangering their own lives.

Overall, the past couple of months have been a greatly successful! We raised hundreds of pounds for the dedicated teams of Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue and encouraged people to donate not just at the events, but for a long time afterwards.


Rachel McCarthy


The Mountains of Avon and Somerset

Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue (ASSAR) sounds pretty straightforward, right? They search, and they rescue. But a particular aspect of the ASSAR is a bit perplexing: the Mountain Rescue Team. I know what you’re thinking – Mountains? In England? Or at the very least, in Somerset? We just have really big hills, right?

Well, I’d say you were right in that regard. We certainly don’t have any Everests, but we do have some pretty big cliffs. To be precise, we have Avon and Cheddar Gorge, two of the UK’s largest inland cliffs. And since people, and animals, like wandering around in nature where there are big cliffs and deep gorges and getting themselves into trouble, Mountain Rescue was formed. Continue reading

A look at ASSAR and their affiliates

A look at ASSAR and their affiliates

– Adeolu Adeoye

Sporting around fifty volunteers, Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue is by no means a large organisation. Yet, all their volunteers are fully trained and on call 24/7, ready to help whenever disaster strikes. Dedication aside, a group this small can exist only through cooperation with various other organisations, some of which will be highlighted in this post.

Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue isn’t a singularly operating organisation, but it is a part of a greater organisation in England and Wales: Mountain Rescue England and Wales. This national body oversees ASSAR, while also working alongside other groups such as the British Cave Rescue Council and the Association of Chief Police Officers. They also work closely with with the Avon and Somerset Police force. ASSPF requires the help of ASSAR for all manner of search efforts, using their expertise to make locating and saving missing persons more effective. Together, the two have located potentially thousands of missing persons from ASSAR’s start in 1975 to January 2017. Continue reading

Help Save A Life Today – How running on April 1st helped Search and Rescue

Help Save A Life Today – How running on April 1st helped Search and Rescue

– Written by Andrew Sansom, Edited by Victoria Baker


Have you heard the one about a Disney princess and a panda running down a hill?

Actually, this isn’t a joke; it’s something I genuinely witnessed while marshalling the Fun Run on the 1st of April. This is not an April Fools; this is to help the commendable Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue.  These volunteers save lives.  These volunteers are heroes. Continue reading

Recollection of Sunny Day – Fun Run

Recollection of Sunny Day – Fun Run

 – Megan Edwards

On sunny days, there is nothing I want to do more, than to stretch my legs and enjoy the beautiful scenery around me. Saturday, April 1st, was a jewel of a day. From 10am-7pm two Fun Runs were held on Newton Park campus to raise money for Avon Search and Rescue. The sky was sapphire blue and full of fluffy clouds. It was pleasantly warm, and the playful wind joined the energetic runners around the lake.

Continue reading

A brief history of Fun Run (shortly)

A brief history of Fun Run (shortly)

   – Karolina Latka

On April 1st at Bath Spa University greenway took place the 4.3km charity sponsored run. How was it? Absolutely fabulous! It didn’t matter whether you were a walker or runner, as long as you had fun! The Fun Run, thanks to all the great people organising it and running, was a big success and we raised a grand total of £186 for Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue (ASSR)!

Continue reading