What a Turn Out!

What a Turn Out!

Search and Rescue Open Mic Night – 28th March

– Leigh-Ann Hewer


Held at the small venue of Juno in Bath City Centre, I don’t think anyone expected quite as huge a turn out for the marvellous Open Mic as it occurred. Some of my flat mates and I found ourselves squeezing up the staircase into an already packed room, full of excited people, and a buzzing atmosphere.

People came in what had to be hundreds, some of which were creative writing students, to support the efforts of the hard-working coordinating team who had put the event together. The Open Mic really show-cased the dedication and team spirit the students have been working to adopt in order to make this project succeed.

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A Creative Collection

– Louise Thacker



Photography by June Stone


As an introverted person, I was doubtful as to whether my involvement with the open mic night, which aimed to raise money for ‘Avon and Somerset Mountain Rescue’, would be something I could enjoy. So as expected, walking into Juno’s, the noisy atmosphere filled me with a sense of awkwardness. Yet being there to take photographs and record videos of the performances, I was greeted with warmth and sincerity as the herd of performers began to fill the space. Continue reading

Why Join the Fun Run?

-Amy Van Rooyen

Why spend your weekend lazing at home or studying when you can do something healthy and sociable with the added bonus of helping people in need? On the 1st of April – and no, this is not a joke 😉 – you can take part in a sponsored charity run (or walk, if exercising is not for you) around the beautiful Bath Spa University campus to raise money to support the Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue team (ASSR). It is a 4.3km walk/run and it is open to absolutely everybody. The entry price is £3 for students and £10 for staff members. This casual little adventure around campus has so many benefits both for you and for the ASSR team.

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A Bake To Remember

A Bake to Remember: Search and Rescue Bake Sale on February the 3rd

 – Freya Norley

I’m not a precise person. I laugh in the face of accurate measurements, grams and millilitres are guidelines, not rules, and the cake is baked when I want to eat it. My Bake-Off catchphrase? 

“Eh, that’s about right.”  

But, despite my devil-may-care attitude, I love baking. I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at it. Hats off to the lazy summer afternoons, and the cosy winter mornings spent helping my mum bake muffins and mince pies, being taught how to make biscuits and crumble. Food brings people together. Sticky fingers, happy hearts.  Continue reading